AMD Athlon 300GE The New Low Budget Processor Is Powering Lenovo IdeaCentre 510A-15ARR

Fellow folks from HK XFastest website have spotted another new budget amazing AMD Athlon 300GE with little upgrades in German online retailer Currently, Athlon 300GE is powering Lenovo IdeaCentre 510A-15ARR machine for basic home computer. Previous Budget King certainly was Athlon 200GE APU with both 14nm processor and integrated Vega 3 graphics located in one chip. Also whopping unbeatable $55 price tag that Intel’s entry level chips couldn’t match.

Most exciting upgrade is really exciting for budget chip lovers because this time around AMD has increased base clock speed up to 3.4 GHz frequency for Athlon 300GE APU. Up to 4-7% increase of processor speed performance may be expected due to 12nm Zen+ architecture. Core count is still Dual Core with 4 Threads similar to older 200GE APU. Level 3 4MB cache continues to be inside this APU. Graphics wise, low power 14nm Vega 3 2GB graphics takes another charge to provide better visuals than Intel UHD entry level graphics.

All in all, Athlon 300GE will be dedicated for OEM desktop solutions for some time till AMD announces it for sale. The pricing is still not known to anyone. So if you can get exact Lenovo IdeaCentre machine for below $500 then you are lucky casual low spec gamer.