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AMD Big Navi Will Be 50 Percent Faster Than RTX 2080 Ti According To Latest Leaks

Long-awaited and hotly discussed AMD Big Navi GPU is still not out yet to beat the competition this year. Last strong leaks about Big Navi Graphics chip was RX 5950 XT naming patent in Eurasian Economic Commission. How about another strong leaks from highly credited enthusiast AdoredTV who believe his sources might be accurate. Well, according to his newest video content, the Next gen RDNA 2.0 Big Navi GPU will be RX 6000 series built on 7nm EUV (Extreme Ultra Violet) process technology fabricated by TSMC.

Again, GDDR6 memory will take charge on Big Navi GPU’s VRAM like RX 5000 series. AdoredTV also confirms that 505mm per square large Navi 21 chip is the exact 7nm chip that have been talked about last December leaks from Chinese AIB partners. Why do people have to wait longer? It’s because some bios issues are holding back the official launch day. Nevertheless, in quarter 3 2020 Big Navi can see the light and beat RTX 2080 Ti by a staggering 50% more performance. Please, take these leaks with a bunch of salt and wait for independent reviewers to make a bold statement on performance results.

Nvidia’s employees are really worried about Big Navi release according to insiders’ leaked information to AdoredTV. Interestingly, Nvidia doesn’t want next RTX Titan GPU to be annihilated by Big Navi. Obviously, no more outdated GCN (Graphics Core Next) instructions set for upcoming Navi 21 GPU since the AMD ecosystem is fully switching onto RDNA 2.0 architecture base. Plus, hardware level Ray Tracing Cores are included within the monster Navi GPU.

Last opinion of Jim from AdoredTV on Big Navi GPU is average 20.480 TFLOPS compute performance derived from his special formula because he is an electrical engineer located in Scotland. Roughly, 5120 shader units would run at a 2.0 GHz core speed. If you prefer to learn this formula to calculate the TFLOPS, just watch Jim’s video till the end and pay attention. Anyhow, Nvidia never sleeps and 7nm EUV technology might provide 50% performance boost for next gen Nvidia Ampere GPUs too.