AMD Celadon Renoir APU Leaked With 1.75 GHz Graphics Speed & 8CUs

Fresh news for AMD Celadon Renoir APU which is leaked with certain specs. Latest leak doesn’t disappoint many of budget gamers. The integrated graphics processing unit (iGPU) still uses DDR4 type, 128bit interface and the biggest bombshell is that RX Vega 8 with 8 Compute Units (CUs) gets a whopping 1.75 GHz frequency speed unlike Picasso and Raven Ridge APUs had below 1.3GHz. Don’t forget about upcoming RX Vega 11, 12, 13 and 15 Graphics that might give some pain to Nvidia’s GeForce MX250 graphics.

One more best thing about upcoming RX Vega 8 refresh is 512 SPs (Stream Processors), that’s a huge graphics power leaving Intel Iris Plus iGPU in the dust. Huge credit goes to remarkable hardworking person Tum_Apisak from Twitter.