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AMD Desktop 8 Core 16 Thread Renoir APU w/ Vega 8 Graphics Beats Intel Core i7-9700K, MX150 & GTX960M In 3DMark Time Spy Benchmarks

Since Zen microarchitecture based Ryzen APUs released, AMD has never failed to surprise us with innovative groundbreaking technology where Zen Core CPU meets Radeon Vega GPU in one single package. Most interesting part here is that AMD’s CPU chiplet design is not implemented for current gen mobile Renoir APUs. However, today’s news will be a shell-shock to APU lovers. Because latest ASRock X300M-STX Barebone Mini-PC is leaked running 3DMark Time Spy benchmark in which you may notice quiet remarkable achievement in integrated graphics history. Looks like 7nm process technology is doing great job to expose old 14nm and 22nm silicon chips’ outdated performances.

Lowest bowing thanks goes to _rogame twitter user who has detected these results with specs details. Unexpected and shocking GPU performance score of 1182 by Vega 8 7nm iGPU illustrated that it finally beats legendary GeForce MX150 and GTX960M discrete graphics by little margin around 5-7%. Doubtful thing in APU fans’ minds might be the chiplet or single SoC design for latest Ryzen 4000 desktop PC APUs since AMD has put two spaces for each 8 core chiplets. Some people may believe that one chiplet space for 8 core CPU and the other for 8 Compute Unit (CU) for Vega iGPU.

Above detailed Time Spy score image is taken from Zhuanian website which was later posted to twitter by _rogame user. As a result, you may witness MX250-like performance from Vega 8 7nm iGPU soon this year. Yet, loads of enthusiasts expect GPU core clock speed to be faster than 1750MHz frequency depending on thermal design of ASRock Mini-PC. Best performance of this octa core APU lies on CPU side. By obvious reasons, 14nm based Intel Core i7-9700K loses to upcoming Renoir Desktop APU by getting only 8403 points whereas Renoir APU grabs score of 8522. This situation is a big blow to Intel fans meanwhile they still were waiting for 10nm ultimate CPU but it never happens till 2022, instead, they are going to see another i7-10700K 14nm refresh soon.

Source: 3DGuru