AMD Desktop Artic Renoir APU Has Radeon Vega 8 (CUs) With 512SPs & Up To 6GB VRAM

Freshly released leaks from SiSoft Sandra database points out towards greatness of upcoming Zen 2 architecture based AMD Artic Renoir desktop APUs detailed iGPU specs. First one who detected was twitter tech enthusiast TUM_APISAK. Like in previous leaks of Renoir desktop APUs, no one would strongly confirm about it’s integrated GPU specs. This time around, tech enthusiasts have a solid proof of Radeon Vega’s secret sauce under the hood.

So, Artic 7nm desktop APU is 8 core 16 thread beast with no confirmed clock speeds yet since it’s still being tested in the wild. But what public knows so far about Vega 8 CUs are a whopping 6.1GB DDR4 VRAM with 128 bit and 512SPs (stream Processors). Besides that, graphics core speed is hitting up to 1.75GHz which is amazingly fast compared Picasso last gen APUs.

In real world perspective, some may conclude that Vega 8 of Ryzen 3 3200G will get 50% performance uplift due to the clock speed increase and bumped up VRAM size running at DDR4 3200MHz or even 4266MHz speed depending on memory brand model. And it’s true, because Ryzen 7 4700U’s Vega 7 iGPU beats old 12nm Vega 8 graphics by up to 30-40% in gaming benchmarks if you follow latest Tech Epiphany YouTube channel’s comparison benchmarks.

Greatest part of this Artic APU is going to be shown on how it will destroy all low budget variants of Nvidia and AMD GPUs such as GTX 1050 3GB, GTX 1650 GDDR5, RX 550 4GB and RX 560 4GB. All in all, Artic Renoir APU will be a revolutionary product by AMD for sure. Nevertheless, hold on to your wallets till unbiased and independent reviewers will reveal Artic APU’s benchmark results.

Source: TUM_APISAK via Twitter.