AMD Prepares Fastest Zen5 Desktop APUs, Uses 3nm Technology For 16 CPU Cores And 6nm/5nm For RDNA2 iGPU With 4D Cache

Fastest AMD Zen5 APUs are in the making to overtake budget gaming segment and give Nvidia a big trouble with RDNA2 integrated GPUs. Since the initial launch of AMD APUs, the gaming world came to surprising turn after seeing unbelievable integrated GPU’s potential. Those were the days when budget gamers couldn’t build desktop PC with discrete GPU under $500. AMD has changed the game with unique approach.

Nowadays, any budget gamer can build PCs under $500, thanks to Ryzen 5 5600G and 3400G APUs. Latest Zen5 APU leaks translate into more superb gaming experience without bulky expensive GPUs.

Most famous accurate industry leaking informer by name Greymon55 has given a bombshell of information about Zen4 and Zen5 APUs with 4D cache technology enhanced by TSMCs 3nm+5nm/6nm process node. Interestingly, Granite Ridge Ryzen APU will come with 3nm based 16 processor cores and 6nm RDNA2 iGPU chips. Another superior sibling Strix Point will be enhanced by Zen4D caching architecture to reduce latency and provide more bandwidth.

Last week’s Greymon55 leaks were about Zen4 architecture APUs up to 16 core and 32 thread configuration by name Rafael-H Ryzen laptop gaming or workstation APUs with 45W TDP efficiency. That means AMD might be able to insert 16 cores into single chiplet design. If high expectations are true, AMD can beat any Intel’s mobile Alder Lake-H 10nm transistor node based CPUs.

Biggest danger here is for Nvidia’s MX450 or MX550 chips which labeled as useless discrete laptop iGPUs if LPDDR5 technology already widens the memory bandwidth for mobile AMD APUs and Intel Iris iGPUs.

Source: Greymon55 via Twitter