AMD Preps Ryzen 7 6700G Desktop APU’s 2022 Launch Right After Affordable DDR5 Memory Modules Arrive

AMD prepares it’s fastest desktop APU Ryzen 7 6700G this year with both Zen 3+ CPU and RDNA2 GPU architectures combined under one hood. As industry leaks provided below the upcoming Ryzen 6000 Rembrandt APUs, major changes were brought to tackle budget discrete GPUs to fight off the consistent chip shortage. AMD plans to improve integrated graphics performance by replacing old Vega with already existing refined Navi architecture that is built on 6nm process node.

However, DDR5 DRAM chips are still expensive in current days till fast Intel 12th Gen Core processors fail to gain significant CPU market share from AMD unfortunately. Since DDR5 memory gives enormous speed and wider bandwidth AMD VP David McAfee has hinted for slight uncertainty for exact Ryzen 6000 series APUs release date due to DDR5 supply chain and end-user unaffordable pricing.

AMD Preps Ryzen 7 6700G Desktop APU

Furthermore, Tom’s Hardware interview with David McAfee was interesting revelation for low spec gamers and APU enthusiasts by saying One of the dynamics that we do think about a great deal is how and when to introduce that AM5 ecosystem and ensure that the DDR5 supply, as well as pricing of DDR5 memory, is mature and something that’s easily attainable for an end-user, and so there may be other forces beyond the product itself that slow down or meter the introduction of APUs into that AM5 socket. You know, we do expect that to be an enthusiast-first introduction. And I think we’re going to have to watch very carefully just how the DDR5 transition takes place and how quickly both supply and prices come in line to make it more affordable for a mainstream consumer that might be more interested in making a product in that socket.

Introducing the world’s fastest APU is full of obstacles for AMD that is obviously Ryzen 7 6700G monster with 8 core 16 thread CPU configuration and Navi 12 compute units iGPU based on new AM5 platform running on expensive DDR5 RAM.

Prior hint of AMD’s business philosophy is a democratization of PCs where even people in developing countries could afford basic gaming PC specs. With cheapest Athlon 3000G desktop APU you may play Dota2 and League of Legends at stable 60 fps on medium settings using 900p resolution. That’s the greatness of AMD in making gaming PCs accessible to everyone and everywhere.

In previous leaks, RDNA2 NAVI 12 compute unit based Rembrandt APU might be able to surpass the legendary GTX 1050 Ti budget king in synthetic benchmarks thanks to new GPU architecture and DDR5 memory’s blazing speed to accommodate Infinity Fabric’s highest potential. AMD Ryzen 6000 APU desktop version release date to be announced soon after market sees affordable DDR5 sticks.