AMD Proves To Intel That Multi Cores Matter The Most By Releasing 3rd Gen Ryzen Threadripper 3960X & 3970X

AMD’s uprising into HEDT (High Performance Desktop) market is the best moment in history of computing. In the beginning of 2017, when Intel used to be in comfort zone with it’s 10 Core Broadwell-E flagship Core i7-6950X AMD literally came out with 16 Core performance beast Ryzen Threadripper 1950X in the middle of 2017 as a result Intel’s whole Broadwell-E HEDT processors were facing existential crisis after losing many benchmark scores for hefty price.

Amazingly, quick reaction of Intel was stunningly good with a bit the rushed up announced product named Skylake-X Core i9-7980XE CPU with 18 Cores 32 Threads with ridiculous $2000 price tag for just extra two cores that officially launched in Q3 2017.

Eventually, AMD fought back with full fledged 32 Core 64 Thread Threadripper 2990WX in 2H of 2018, thus beating Intel’s refreshed 18 Core flagship i9-9980XE in multicore tests but coming short on some high frequency focused app benchmarks like Premiere Pro. Nonetheless, 2019 battle of two giant chip makers continues in another level starting from November 25th 3rd Gen Threadripper Official Launch Day.

Surprisingly, Dr. Lisa Su (President and CEO of AMD) has presented 3rd Gen Ryzen Threadripper in AMD’s official website and YouTube Channel two days ago. Staggering, Two multicore monster CPUs unveiled with performance preview using various real world rendering app benchmarks. Specifically, AMD’s Robert Hallock (Senior Technical Marketing Manager) has further explained about true capabilities of upcoming HEDT CPUs. These are the first HEDT processors based on Zen 2 7nm microarchitecture produced by TSMC fabrication technology. Behemoth 32 Core 64 Thread Ryzen Threadripper 3970X with base 3.7 GHz & 4.5 GHz boost clock frequencies plus 144 MB huge combined cache.

Next Threadripper sibling is 3960X chip enhanced by 24 Core 48 Thread running on 3.8 GHz and up to 4.5 GHz boost clocks with 140 MB total cache. Both CPUs carry the Italian name “Matisse” similar to “Picasso” brand naming of current Ryzen APUs. Total 88 PCIe Lanes and 280W TDP rating for 3970X and 3960X as well.

Best of 3rd Gen Threadripper CPUs are the fast multitasking and rendering power abilities compared to current Gen Intel HEDT chips. Chaos group V-Ray rendering favors Ryzen 3rd Gen Threadripper processors due to core and thread count rather than focusing on single core frequencies. Whopping 2.05X better V-Ray performance you may get from Threadripper 3970X and 1.70X superior results derived from 3960X rendering power compared to Intel Core i9-9920XE as a baseline.

Unreal Engine Compiling results indicated that Threadripper 3970X is 1.46X faster and 3960X is 1.41X quicker compared to baseline performance of i9-9920XE and i9-9980XE which is a bit 0.15X quicker than smaller sibling. Game developers would be really happy using these upcoming Threadripper CPUs for their cutting edge innovation in terms graphics immersion development.

Chromium compiling also inclined towards using the 3rd Gen Threadripper chips with a conclusion of 1.46X better relative performance for 3970X and 1.41X for 3960X wonder processors.

Current Android Kernel Compiling performance king is Threadripper 3970X with 1.58X superior result against the baseline performance of 12 Core 24 Thread i9-9920XE. It’s little brother 3960X scores 1.50X better points outshining both Intel HEDT processors. So, amazing Android Kernel illustrated performance results will help Android App developers to choose next processing platform wisely.

Maxon Cinebench R20 is the father of all CPU benchmarks delivering the theoretical RAW processing abilities of given chip. Here, Intel Core i9-9980XE and i9-9920XE have no chance to match AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper 3970X and 3960X in terms of relative performance. 2.54X faster results belong to 3970X and 2.05X goes to 3960X. Clearly, these benchmark results show that Intel’s current Gen SkyLake-X chips are literally obsolete products after November 25th 2019 3rd Gen Threadripper launch.

Next biggest performance highlights are coming from the CGI Film Studio called BLUR. Before the official launch, AMD has sent 3rd Gen Threadripper CPUs to BLUR studio to test real world performance in terms rendering and multitasking. BLUR Studio is prominent American visual effects, 3D design and animation focused company. They have largest contribution in film and game development with special CGI effects including Avatar (2009) space cutscenes, GTA: San Andreas game, Batman: Arkham series games and many more.

James Knight (Director, Media and Entertainment of AMD) proudly introduced BLUR Studio as a partnership company pushing the boundaries of computer graphics and film making at gaming cinematics. According to Dan Akers (VFX Supervisor of BLUR Studio), collaboration of artists of unified force are busy creating some film editing and Netflix Anthology called “Love, Death & Robots” with great stories’ visual effects.

Battle tested Threadripper CPUs possess multi threaded power to save time for many CGI developers where 13 hours of rendering with older CPUs only takes 20 minutes to complete with Matisse chips. 3rd Gen Threadripper multitasking performance really assists BLUR artists to render and work at the same time without performance hiccups.

The game changing breakthrough rendering performance of 3rd Gen Threadripper allows to do more artistic focused jobs rather than waiting for background task to finish rendering according to Shawn Wallbridge (CTO BLUR Studio). He says everyone wants it becuase of incredible fast multitasking abilities.

If amazing BLUR Studio claims these results are true then whole CGI developers’ community will enjoy getting 3rd Gen Threadripper processors to enable fast interactive production workloads. Recently, Geekbench database revealed fantastic results where 16 Core 32 Thread Ryzen 9 3950X edges out upcoming 18 Core 36 Thread Intel Core Extreme i9-10980XE by little margin despite having 2 Core 4 Thread down.