AMD Radeon 680M GTA 5 60 FPS Above Gaming Performance Made Possible

Grand Theft Auto V or GTA 5 is one of the best optimized PC games ever and it also got the household name for being incredible when it comes to graphics fidelity. AMD’s integrated Radeon Vega graphics were a bit struggling to keep up against budget discrete GPUs due to DDR4 system memory bottlenecks, thus, next gen RDNA2 Navi Radeon 680M iGPU is here to produce solid 60 fps plus performance thanks to DDR5 memory modules.

RDNA2 iGPU Radeon 680M GTA 5

Most tech enthusiasts are keen to support Intel and AMD integrated graphics development to tackle Nvidia’s unfair GPU market share monopoly with closed source driver software. Not anymore, budget gaming oriented tech enthusiast ETA Prime could achieve 75 fps on average playing GTA 5 on Ryzen 7 6800HS APU with Radeon 680M integrated graphics while holding the system at 35W TDP settings. Speaking of settings, ETA Prime set all graphics options on lowest quality at 1080p resolution while preserving the laptop energy. Nevertheless, you may increase fps up to 100 frames but need to set loose all power limitations.

GTA V best settings Gaming Radeon 680M 75 fps

On the other hand, Tech Epiphany YT channel had another GTA 5 75 fps record on 1080p Very High Quality mixed settings with unlocked TDP on Ryzen 7 6800H APU. This result clearly shows that how far an AMD mobile APU chip has come. Intel’s fastest Iris Xe iGPU inside i7-1165G7 can produce somewhat playable performance but still slower than AMD counterparts in terms of raw firepower.

Radeon 680M Ryzen 7 6800H GTA V 1080p resolution 75fps

GTA 5 might stay here with gamers for a long haul till 6th installment finally release within 3-5 years. It’s graphics fidelity holds up miraculously well compared to equally launched games 8 years ago.

Well, upcoming AMD desktop APUs would be a budget gaming hit if DDR5 DRAM modules get affordable soon after second half of 2022. Most APUs struggled hard in memory bandwidth and speed, hopefully, DDR5 chips will unchain whole integrated graphics potential to low budget gamers.

Source: ETA Prime, Tech Epiphany