AMD Radeon Pro V520 XFX BC-160 Crypto Mining Card Achieves 72 MH/s Ethereum Hashrate Using HiveOS

AMD and XFX are silently producing Radeon Pro V520 in a form of crypto mining card due to Ethereum mining boom. Amazingly, XFX BC-160 custom V520 GPU is powered by AMD’s RDNA 1.0 chip which is supposedly oriented for cloud gaming and server accelerator.

Shocking revelation also says about BC-160’s mind-boggling 8GB HBM2 memory with 2048 bit bus and a monster 512 GB/s bandwidth. Surely, 72 MH/s Ethereum hashrate is easily produced using BC-160 thanks to HBM2 memory type.

Big credit goes to Red Panda Mining YT channel for spotting and testing XFX BC-160 Radeon Pro v520 in Ethereum mining. Additionally, BC-160 consumes power quite efficiently because RDNA 1.0 GPUs could be undervolted and overclocked in memory speed. So, only 120W power consumption is expected more or less.

Best Ethereum mining settings is determined by NERDGEARZ seller in which miner person must set core clock at 1650, core voltage at 900-920 and memory must be set on 1300MHz in HiveOS software.

On the other side, Ravencoin hashrate from XFX BC-160 is confirmed at 28-31 MH/s at 140W power sipping. Overall, hashrate performance by BC-160 is amazingly satisfying but $1800 price tag is insanely written by distributor.

In comparison, new RTX 3080 LHR card can reach 76 MH/s and cost around $2000 with potentially great resale value set by Nvidia fans on eBay.