AMD Radeon W6800 Ethereum, Ravencoin Mining Hashrate Revealed

Great AMD Radeon workstation cards help to render and develop outstanding 3D content but they are also capable of doing crypto mining such as Ethereum and Ravencoin. Veteran crypto miner Bits Be Trippin’ YT channel had posted Radeon Pro W6800 GPU’s hashrate performance benchmark video content. In it, mining efficiency is the best result for hungry crypto farms.

AMD Radeon W6800 Ethereum, Ravencoin Mining Hashrate

Ravencoin hashrate is decent enough for W6800 Pro GPU which gets 21.84 MH/s at 193W power consumption. It equals to old gen RX 5700 and RTX 3060 LHR performance. Best settings for Ravencoin mining is firmly set at 1307 for core clock, 995MHz for memory frequency and voltage brought down to 912Mv.

AMD Radeon W6800 Ethereum, Ravencoin Mining Hashrate 2

For W6800 Ethereum mining 58 MH/s result, Bit Be Tripping’ author uses 1200MHz for core clock, 1000MHz for memory and voltage still stays at 912Mv, all set similarly to RVN settings. 149W power consumption metrics are quite high considering that RTX 3070 Ti makes 60 to 64 MH/s at the same consumption.

If you find RX 6800 non-XT model on retailer shelves then forget about W6800 card because resale value RX 6800 is enormously huge due to being a gamer’s GPU.

Source: Bits Be Tripping’ via YT