AMD Renoir APU is detected with 4GB VRAM and 4266MHz Memory Speed

Sweetest time for midrange gamers is coming probably this holiday season when RX 5900 series Navi GPUs will see the light. Shockingly, budget gamers will also taste high frame rate gaming using upcoming 7nm chips with powerful integrated graphics.

Unexpected news for today is AMD codenamed Renoir APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) which is again spotted by prominent industry hardware leaker KOMACHI_ENSAKA via twitter. In this time, specifications for memory size and speed are surprisingly higher than current Picasso 12nm APUs. Whopping 4GB UMA Frame Buffer in other words VRAM (video random access memory) might be featured in this upcoming Ryzen 5 4400G or Ryzen 3 4200G chips, these names are just speculations so taking with grain of salt is required. In previous posts about Ryzen APUs, Asus has unlocked VRAM buffer up to 3GB for Picasso and Raven Ridge APUs making them faster than GTX750Ti in latest games such as Rage 2 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Stunning 4266MHz DRAM speed test upon Zen 2 7nm APU is also spotted in GPU DRM patch. Best part of Zen 2 chip is Infinity Fabric interconnect between chiplets that require actual DDR4 RAM speed to reduce the latency. Increasing RAM speed on APU can be translated into significant performance uplift in terms of processing and visual rendering speed.

Based on current chiplet configuration many tech journalists pointed out that first 7nm chiplet will take charge on processing and the other will provide graphics processing. Eventually, budget gamers might be having up to 8 Cores 16 Threads APUs to run most games without hiccups. Worrying part about integrated graphics can be old Vega architecture, who knows? Time will tell precisely in the late of 2019.