AMD RX 5950XT and RX 5850XT are Inevitable to Launch This End of a Year

High End Radeon RX 5950XT and RX 5850XT will be unavoidable rivals to Nvidia’s high end offering. Two confirmations came so far after some time between them, but first leak was interesting from twitter user. After AMD’s successful launch of RX 5700XT and RX 5700 performance cards in the beginning of July, prominent industry leaks informer KOMACHI_ENSAKA on twitter shared eurasian patent commission filing for Sapphire custom AMD cards with clear names including high end RX 5950XT and RX 5850XT based on RDNA architecture by Navi codename. Besides, high end and low end names such as RX 5500XT, RX 5500, RX 5550, RX 5550XT, RX 5600, RX 5600XT, RX 5650, RX 5650XT, RX 5750XT, RX5750, RX 5800XT, RX 5800, RX 5850, RX 5900XT, RX 5900 and RX 5950 are also detected.

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Second confirmation arrived during the Q2 report speech in question and answer session when AMD’s Ceo Lisa Su strongly replied to journalists (reported by Seeking Alpha): “I would say they are coming. You should expect that our execution on those are on track and we have a rich 7 nanometer portfolio beyond the products that we have currently announced in the upcoming quarters.” That means we can see RTX 2080 Ti contender soon this year with 7 nanometer efficient RDNA architecture design GPUs. Are you excited about upcoming 7nm high end GPUs from AMD? Will they be included with Ray Tracing features like their Nvidia RTX series competitors? Write your comment down below.

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