AMD Ryzen 3 4300U Pro Beats Intel Majority Whiskey Lake Family Laptop Processors

In the latest userbenchmark’s average speed performance listing you may find AMD Ryzen 3 4300U Pro APU chip. Very expected results revealed with accurate specs and performance. Surprisingly, whole Intel low powered Whiskey Lake CPUs just got beaten up by single Ryzen 3 4300U Pro Renoir APU in performance per dollar argument. These leaks of performance metrics just have been uploaded to userbenchmark database, thanks to Tum_Apisak for the first notice. Overall, multicore enhanced performance of Ryzen 3 4300U seems 3% faster than a flagship Core i7-8565U and on par with i7-8665U. That means, laptops with Core i5-8365U and i3-8145U are not worth to get in 2020 after Ryzen 3 Renoir APUs official release. Well, budget segment laptops will use Ryzen 3 APUs powered by 7nm efficient cheap technology compared to Intel’s premium outdated 14nm++ node.

Amazingly, full specs of thread count and frequency speed are also detailed in the benchmarks. The quad core Ryzen 3 4300U Pro has 8 threads running on 2.5 GHz base and 3.1 GHz boost clock speeds. Probably, in the future these frequency speed numbers will increase because early benchmarks might run on engineering samples. The iGPU is also not optimized to any drivers yet. Anyway, these numbers indicate a positive outlook for Renoir APUs since 7nm technology does incredibly well in terms of power and performance. On the other hand, 10nm expensive Intel Ice lake Core i5 chips have a little performance edge over Renoir Ryzen 3 4300U APU but it doesn’t make any difference when the refined RX Vega 6 iGPU simply will destroy any iGPU from Intel UHD and Iris Plus Graphics Family.