AMD Ryzen 4th Gen & “Renoir” Zen 2 APUs Are 100% Confirmed By AIDA64 Extreme Software

Zen 3 CPU microarchitecture triumph of AMD is closing in for CES 2020 in January. In addition to that, AIDA 64 software just released a shocking confirmation of upcoming Zen 3 Ryzen CPUs and groundbreaking Renoir APUs with monster RX Vega 12, Vega 13 and Vega 15 Graphics confirmed by previous leaks. According to Mark Papermaster (CTO of AMD), 7nm+ based Zen 3 chips will be based on “totally new architecture” providing balance between cores, memory and I/O (input/output) so that horsepower never left to bottlenecks.

Most exciting news for today is AIDA 64 application’s detailed release notes that left whole internet to believe in it. Broad description specifically stated that version 6.20.5300 stable (Nov 26, 2019) supports “AVX2 and FMA accelerated 64-bit benchmarks for AMD Zen 2 Renoir APU”. Another list confirmed that AIDA 64 also supports “Preliminary support for 4th generation AMD Ryzen desktop CPUs”. Biggest revelation here is that Renoir 4000 series APUs will be based on existing Zen 2 architecture rather on Zen 3.

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To read between the lines, AMD Renoir APUs also coming to laptop platform and desktop as well. Usually, AMD releases APUs first, then new architecture based CPUs see the light later after 1-2 month as happened in 2018 to Raven Ridge APUs have come out month earlier in February. So enthusiasts who love to play with AMD desktop CPUs can wait till April or May next year.

All in all, the huge news bombshell thrown by AIDA 64 is 100% accurate since it’s a prominent benchmarking software to determine hardware ranking and provide software level solution to your computer. Thanks to Komachi_Ensaka for detailed inquiry of AIDA 64 software release notes.

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