AMD Ryzen 5 3500X: Full Specs Revealed On Asian Retailer Website

Hooray, budget gamers must be really happy right now after seeing full specs of Ryzen 5 3500X revealed by famous japanese retailer Thanks to momomo_us twitter user for finding this information. Full specifications are 6 Cores 6 Threads 3.6 GHz Base Clock 4.1 GHz Boost Clock and whopping 32 MB cache with 65W TDP rating. Stock cooler is basic AMD Wraith Stealth model.

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Pricing of new Ryzen 5 3500X will be cheaper than Intel Core i5-9400F because according to i5-9400F costs¥1199 but they listed Ryzen 5 3500X for only¥1099. So, the price-wise AMD’s offering looks more lucrative and tempting for budget gamers. In this above slide, online competitive shooter CS:GO favors AMD processors for faster performance. However, other given game titles’ performances are inclined towards Intel chip, probably, single core speed of i5 plays major role here. Biggest difference you can spot between two rivals is the total number of Cache memory where Ryzen 5 is triple bigger than i5. Wow, this is the best news for today and only waiting process is required for gamers to see next new Ryzen 5 chip’s benchmarks soon.