AMD Ryzen 5 4400G, Ryzen 3 4200G and Ryzen 7 4700G APUs Are Officially Confirmed In Biostar B550GTQ Motherboard Page With “GE” & “PRO” Versions

Hooray! AMD is doing great right now by accidentally revealing all upcoming revolutionary APUs. Long-awaited Zen 2 architecture enhanced 7nm Renoir APUs are officially exposed by Biostar’s B550GTQ motherboards page and it was detected by Komachi_Ensaka twitter user first.

They have spilled the beans by accident and no one can blame them. The naming scheme is obviously similar to last gen Picasso APUs, but this time around many enthusiasts will see  Ryzen 7 4700G APU with 8 CUs as confirmed by leaked images of videocardz website. Alongside octa core monster flagship you might notice quad core Ryzen 5 4400G and Ryzen 3 4200G APUs respectively.

So each upcoming vanilla “4000G” and “Pro” Renoir APU models are rated at 65W TDP and efficient low-power design “GE” models are established at 35W only. Many OEMs might go with GE versions to save power for mainstream Desktop PCs and big enterprise oriented OEM PCs will be based on PRO versions.

In real world performance, Ryzen 7 4700G might perform at the level of Ryzen 7 3700X CPU and iGPU Vega 8 could beat GTX 1050 Pascal entry card since last leaks about AMD Artic APU has shown big specs on integrated GPU side. Furthermore, laptop based 7nm Renoir Ryzen 7 4700U APU’s iGPU was able to surpass old 12nm Vega 8 graphics by 30-40%. It would be fascinating to see how Ryzen 7 4700G will be providing smooth esports gaming experience without discrete graphics solution.

Source: Biostar & Komachi Ensaka via Twitter