AMD Ryzen 7 6700G Desktop APU Gets “Rembrandt Splinter” Reference Platform While Mobile Ryzen 7 6800U/6800H Possibly Named “Lilac” or “Mayan”

Zen 3 and Zen 3+ AMD APU architectures are confirmed by legit industry leakers for the last 2 months when twitter user @Broly-X1 had dropped the big bombshell AMD Notebook roadmap with specific naming and reference platforms. Just like AMD Cezanne APU family is divided into Zen 3 and old Zen 2 micro architectures respectively.

AMD Notebook Architecture Roadmap Source: Twitter @Broly_X1

Recently, two hours ago the big top leaker @patrickschur_ twitter user has confirmed the most beloved specific reference name for desktop¬† Ryzen 7 6700G Zen 3 APU which is going to be “Rembrandt Splinter”, then gave Mobile APU Rembrandt “U” the name “Mayan” for socket FP7 and Mobile Gaming Workstation APU Rembrandt “H” the reference codename as “Lilac”.

The LPDDR5 memory powered Ryzen 7 6800U will be possibly using Zen 3+ architecture on 6nm TSMC process node. But lower tier ultrathin mobile APUs will power themselves with Zen 2 7nm variants. Similarly, socket FP6 package has 2 divisions of Zen 2 and Zen 3 confirmed by AMD in latest Cezanne products. The FP6+ or Family 19H uses latest Zen 3 cores with refined performance to tackle the single core performance issues presented by Ryzen 9 5900HX wonder maker. So the FP7r2 or FP7+ package might use a special 6nm Zen 3+ cores with Infinity Cache or something unexpected.

However, the “Rembrandt Splinter” reference naming bring the big probability of being a premium desktop APU division comprising Ryzen 7 6700G, Ryzen 5 6600G and Ryzen 3 6300G with RDNA 2 integrated graphics. Next rumored Zen 4 based APUs are called “Phoenix” according to Laptrinhx website’s leaker. All above-mentioned information must be taken with a pinch of salt before AMD confirms the official APU roadmap next year after CES 2022.

Sources: Laptrinx, @patrickschur_, @rogame