AMD Ryzen 7 6700G Flagship RDNA3 Desktop APU Possibly Leaked Via Linux Patches

AMD’s forsaken RDNA3 APUs are finally showing up via Linux Patches after numerous leaks from previous year this time around budget mini-ITX gamers may receive a whopping 35-55W TDP based Phoenix/Dragon Range APUs. Long-awaited Ryzen 7 6700G APU empowered by Infinity Cache might already be forged into production.

AMD Ryzen 7 6700G Phoenix APU leaked via Linux Patches

Basically, most AMD hardware support Open Source on their GPU/CPU/APU/Chipset level. That means public can see any latest changes through their source code updates. Latest APU leak was spotted by Coelacanth Dream website which actively submits every detailed specs about Open Source hardware. Dragon Range APU has specific code name “gfx1103” within Linux Kernel updates while being hidden among upcoming RDNA3 Desktop discrete graphics.

Dragon Range APU Zen4 Ryzen 7 6700G leaked via Linux drivers

Last year’s Zen4 based Dragon Range APU revelations had shaken up Nvidia’s legs with RDNA3 Navi Integrated Graphics specs. Specifically, latest leak confirms RDNA3 graphics together with Zen4 CPU architecture. Albeit even current gen Zen3 Ryzen 7 5700G is equipped with Vega 8 iGPU simply obliterates GTX 750 Ti , GT 1030 and GTX 1050 discrete GPU in latest triple A games. Also, Ryzen 5 5500U laptop APU is a complete beast for budget gaming at 720p high or medium settings.

Main bottleneck of past AMD APU architecture was a memory bandwidth and speed. This year before winter holidays Desktop APU gamers will be liberated by DDR5 memory at above 5400MH/z frequency. Preparing the budget for AM5 system from now is number one priority to save on electrical bills because AMD system consumes less energy compared Intel one.

Source: Coelacanth Dream