AMD Ryzen 9 5950X Achieves 5440 h/s Raptoreum Hashrate Using BIOS PBO2 Settings Within ASRock B550 Taichi Motherboard

At last, AMD Ryzen 9 5950X is unlocked to it’s full potential in Raptoreum CPU mining by achieving a whopping 5440 h/s hashrate speed after applying special AMD PBO2 (Precision Boost Overdrive 2) settings in BIOS tweaking method. Usually, highest Ryzen 9 5950X Raptoreum hashrate varies between 4220 h/s and 4500 h/s when set to 3.8 GHz frequency and 1.0 V.

Big credit goes to Son Of A Tech YT channel for exploring the PBO2 settings within the B550 Taichi motherboard. Not only low temperatures and voltage benefitted from this settings but also an amazing 141W power consumption was detected after applying PBO2 settings.

Initially, CPU miner software needs stable frequency speed per core with stable power delivery from motherboard thus B550 Taichi motherboard has an additional eight more CPU power connectors in order to obtain steady voltage for CPU. For OC tweaking part miners have to leave as it is at default Auto settings and head over to Advanced tab.

Inside Precision Boost Overdrive, any person may utilize numerous variants of settings depending on motherboard features but here ASRock B550 Taichi allows miners to make Curve Optimizer tweaking to control voltage and temperatures to gain stable as low wattage as Ryzen 9 5950X may take. So just leave Max CPU Boost Clock Override at 200MHz.

Last but important part here is that Curve Optimizer must be set to ALL Cores. Next, All Core Curve Optimizer Sign make at Negative. Input number 15 for All Core Curve Optimizer Magnitude and press F10 to Save and Exit. System will restart and let it tune up 220 minutes in HiveOS or Windows as per requirements by CPU OPT miner.

So the results are certainly amazing in terms of power draw, stable frequencies and temperatures from Ryzen 9 5950X mining Raptoreum at 5440 h/s while consuming only 141W in overall CPU package energy consumption. Big thanks fly towards gorgeous AMD PBO2 developers and Son Of A Tech for unlocking the highest Ryzen 9 5950X Raptoreum hashrate.