AMD Takes 93.5% Successful Fab Yield Of 8 Core Chiplets On TSMC Defect Rate According To Leaks

2019 is a year of AMD marking the history of High Performance Computing. Amazingly, 7nm transistor shrink size has led to enormous success for AMD, thanks to 8 Core chiplet design that TSMC Wafer Fabrication Yield reported all time high 93.5% of good chiplet dies with working cache according to reddit user tty5. In a nice way to explain this positivism is simple because high fab yield means high number of silicone wafer die parts are in good condition to put into CPU package. Most interesting part here, the 7nm chiplet die size is miraculosly smaller than any current Intel silicone.

For example, full 8 Core healthy chiplet is likely going to be included within the 64 Core chiplet collection found on Epyc 7742 server processor. In other way around, you may put this particular 8 Core chiplet into 16 Core Ryzen 9 3950X or Ryzen 7 3800X as better binned chip. Intel side of things are not going better in 10nm fab yields due to bigger die size silicone chips that are prone to get defected during Extreme Ultra Violet fabrication process.

Source: Reddit