AMD “Van Gogh” APU Will Power Apple MacBook & Microsoft Surface In The Future

AMD is not stopping the glorious conquest to widen it’s ecosystem. This year alone Microsoft Surface laptops are powered by custom made AMD Picasso APUs. The reason behind Microsoft’s switch to AMD is because the AMD ecosystem will bring more scalable solutions in the future for laptops in terms efficiency and performance. 7nm Renoir APUs are already on the way to launch this April accompanied by Asus TUF gaming machines. Most exciting news for laptop APU lovers today is AMD’s Van Gogh codenamed APU is prepared to power Apple MacBook and Microsoft Surface according to the YouTube tech enthusiast Moore’s Law Is Dead.

Besides getting just AMD powerful Zen core architecture, MacBook Pro might get gaming brand due to mega Van Gogh APU’s integrated graphics. These above image illustrates that Apple being ready to jump into AMD ship as you can see VANGOGH_A0 codename is found in MAC OS beta drivers. Also, Tom from Moore’s Law Is Dead thinks that RDNA 2.0 graphics architecture is not necessarily included into Cezanne or Van Gogh APUs but RDNA 1.5 is possible due to customized die sizes.

Credit: Komachi_Ensaka via Twitter

Accodring to early leaks from Komachi_Ensaka, the GFX10 series chips share same numbering detail patterns as Van Gogh APU under GFX1032 therefore Komachi_Ensaka is very sure that RDNA 2.0 graphics architecture would power the iGPU. Imagine playing competitive online games on MacBook Pro and Surface laptops in nearest future. Looks like Intel will lose majority market share in mobility market as a result of Intel graphics department unable to produce decent gaming iGPU.