AMD vs Nvidia Graphics Card Independent Comparison: Performance, Power & Price

GPU NameFrequency MHz (Base/Turbo)VRAMArchitecture & ChipPower ConsumptionPointsLatest Price
RTX 2080 Ti1350/163511GB GDDR6Turing TU102260W1000
RTX 2080 Super1650/18158GB GDDR6Turing TU104250W900
Radeon VII1400/175016GB HBM2Vega20300W880
RTX 2070 Super1605/17708GB GDDR6Turing TU106215W800
Radeon RX 5700 XT1605/19058GB GDDR6Navi10225W790
RTX 2060 Super1470/16508GB GDDR6Turing TU106215700
Radeon RX 57001465/17258GB GDDR6Navi10180W670
GTX 1660 Ti1500/17706GB GDDR6Turing TU116120W600
RX 5901469/15458GB GDDR5Polaris 30225W590
GTX 16601530/17856GB GDDR6Turing TU116120W580
RX 5801257/13408GB GDDR5Polaris 10185W550
RX 5701168/12444GB GDDR5Polaris 10150W540
GTX 16501485/16654GB GDDR5Turing TU11775W500
GTX 1050 Ti1290/13924GB GDDR5Pascal GP10775W480
RX 5601175/12754GB GDDR5Polaris 1180W450
GTX 10501354/14552GB GDDR5Pascal GP10775W440
RX 5501100/11834GB GDDR5Polaris 1250W400
GT 10301228/14682GB GDDR5Pascal GP10830W300

The rivalry between AMD and Nvidia has kept pushing GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) gaming performance into a whole new level for over 15 years since AMD has acquired ATI in 2006 and Nvidia’s acquisition of 3dfx Interactive took place at the end of 2000. Fierce competition between two giants in PC segment is more exciting than before, thanks to latest RDNA GPU architecture from AMD and Turing based GPU design from Nvidia that can run Ray Tracing titles with high frame rates. Following table shows similarly priced current rival GPUs but performance varies between them when you put game API (Apllication Protocol Interface) or exclusive sponsored title into equation.

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For the past 5 years, AMD was trailing behind Nvidia in high-performance GPU segment, however, midrange AMD Polaris GPUs brought stiff competition against Nvidia’s Pascal midrange lineup. Currently, high-end performance leader RTX 2080 Ti has unrivaled performance but costs too high. Interestingly, back in January 2019, AMD released Radeon VII huge card to compete against RTX 2080 below $800 market price. At last, RX5700XT and RX5700 came to light to oppose RTX 2070 and RTX2060, suddenly, Nvidia decided minimal upgrade for them with distinct SUPER marketing name. So, RTX 2070 Super is matched and little faster opponent for RX5700XT, on another side, RTX2060 Super is battling against RX5700. Below table illustrates compiled performance metrics derived from the latest overall game benchmarks, the higher is better.

graphics card comparison

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