AMD Zen 3 Desktop Processors Will Be 10-15% Faster Than Zen 2 In IPC Performance & Have 8 Core Per CCX With Unified L3 Cache

One of the biggest tech leaks about AMD Zen 3 architecture improvements and more detailed specs are coming from prominent YouTuber named AdoredTV channel. These leaks look amazing from accurate standpoint since Jim from AdoredTV has the trusted insider sources from the PC industry. Last huge leaks about Zen 2 came about 80% accurate from specifications aspect.

Relatively, Jim pointed out that last year’s interview of Forrest Norrod (General Manager of AMD’s Datacenter and Embedded Solutions Business Group) from real money the street website has a supporting hint to Jim’s Zen 3 leaks about relative performance increase from Zen 2 to Zen 3. Forrest Norrod has stressed that Zen 3 will be completely a new architecture. Therefore, current Zen 3 10-15% IPC improvement is more likely relevant.

Here is the boom you waited for. Similarly, Zen 3 Vermeer Desktop CPUs will still have double threads per core like Zen 2. Interestingly, 8 cores per CCX (Core Complex) design is awaiting for desktop users in order to decrease the latency between the cores unlike you see within Zen 2 possessing 4 cores per CCX. Next, double Level 3 Cache size which is 32MiB, up from 16MiB. However, 32MiB will be unified L3 Cache to increase the connectivity speed between 8 cores.


So, Zen 3 microarchitecture will no longer be choked by two separated 16MiB L3 Cache as everyone witnessed in Zen 2. Furthermore, L3 Cache latency is increased up to 47 cycles over previous 40 cycles due to large size of single cache. Of course, power efficiency will come from matured 7nm EUV fabrication for Zen 3 Vermeer Desktop Processors. New AMD ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) is incoming to stand out different from Intel and acquiring more security features against side channel attacks. Obviously, increased boost turbo frequency is expected in new Zen 3 CPU design. For Desktop CPUs release date is dragged until September launch this year. To summarize these precious leaks, Jim from AdoredTV is expecting Zen 3 to be a bit disappointing for some people due to same core count but anyhow decent IPC improvement is really needed for AMD to stay relevant against Intel’s single core gaming superiority.

Source: AdoredTV via YouTube