AMD Zen 4 Processors Might Support DDR5 Memory, 1MiB L2 Cache, AVX-512, AM5 Socket & More Cores?!

Too much of a good thing is the best thing, if speaking in terms of desktop processor engineering. Again, today another bombshell news dropped to the internet from YouTube channel AdoredTV. Take a little grain of salt before absorbing these rare greatest leaks from Jim’s strong trusted sources. Near future Zen 4 processor microarchitecture is prepared for PC gamers and laptop users which is worth to wait another whole year.

Now straight to fresh leaks about Zen 4 revolutionary AMD architecture. Expected 5nm derivative of Zen 3 process technology will enhance Zen 4 chips to achieve another level of power efficiency perfection. Unknown percentage of IPC improvement is another little tease for gamers. Whopping DDR5 memory (RAM) enabled Zen 4 CPU is a long awaited feature that will surprise every user for APU and Integrated Graphics supported laptops. Finally, low end AMD and Nvidia GPUs will face imminent extinction since Integrated Graphics will catch up to their performance levels with DDR5 higher bandwidth memory.


Furthermore, secret sauce of Zen 4 might be 1MiB L2 cache size per core over last gen having only 512K L2. Thanks to high density of 5nm transistors shrink and intervals between them. It’s supposedly will increase prefetch improvements of crippled L2 cache detected in the last gen CPUs. AVX-512 (Advanced Vector Extensions) instruction set is also entitled to Zen 4 processors. Every AM4 socket motherboard owners may not be able to upgrade to Zen 4 CPUs because of new DDR5 memory implementation and some changes in ecosystem. Obviously, this new socket might be called AM5 due to DDR5 support and not AM4+ if enthusiasts can recall the AM3+ modifications over AM3 that were some optimized features for especially Bulldozer architecture but still it was compatible with old gen Phenom CPUs.

More additional cores will empower AMD Zen 4 architecture’s multicore superiority to leave Intel in the dust. As per claims of AMD CTO, Mark Papermaster, who reiterated that AMD will keep adding more cores to new architectures.

That’s it for today’s Zen 4 leaks. Stay healthy and live longer to see more processor products and be part of the humanity that will taste sweet performance of 5nm AMD CPUs and TSMC fabrication process.

Source: AdoredTV via YouTube

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