American Airlines Stops Flights Due To Omicron Spread Throughts Its Employees

An unidentified man caused chaos on board an American Airlines plane after he broke into the cabin and destroyed the plane’s control panel. The man was immediately apprehended after he tried to escape through the window. The incident, which didn’t involve injuries, happened after the man climbed over the plane’s passenger cabin. Due to the damage caused by the incident, the plane had to be grounded at an international airport in Honduras, after which American Airlines sent a different plane to that location. In September 2021, a passenger got on an American Airlines plane in Miami and used its emergency exit. Despite being restrained, he was still able to get on the plane.

American Airlines

Over the past year, the US Federal Aviation Administration opened more than a thousand investigations on unruly passengers. Most of these cases involved the requirement to wear face masks. Due to the uptick in aggressive behavior, the FAA implemented a zero-tolerance policy last year. This resulted in over $1 million in fines for unruly passengers. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, several US airlines have canceled hundreds of flights in January. United Airlines, which has about 3,000 employees infected with the virus, said it would stop operating all of its flights in January.

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