American Battery Technology (ABML) Stock Suddenly Gaining Momentum: Is Breakout Near?

On Monday ABML stock closed at $1.2250 while other lithium mining and EV battery makers could surge a bit. For example, LAC shares are only growing and don’t even know what loss is. Since November 2020 thousands of traders started paying attention to American Battery as this kind of firm could make EVs cheaper than these decades’ models. As we all know electric cars are expensive because of their costly battery packs.

Today ABML is rising 17% on 6.2 million shares without news while lithium mining stocks like LAC, PLL, LTHM, LITM are also parallelly growing at least 15%. When the EV industry is so hungry to swallow all the lithium available in the world the mining companies are processing the metal extremely fast as they are afraid of scientific breakthroughs for replacing the conventional metals with alternative chemical elements inside the EV battery packs.

abml stock