American Rebel (AREB) Stock Heats Up 82% After Sensational Entering Nasdaq News

In Monday’s session, AREB stock was surely supposed to get listed in Nasdaq with a public offering of $10.5 million to get rid of some debts and expand in certain areas of its safe-making industry. Frankly, the company will use it for other purposes like working capital, research, and development. The unlucky day has already passed but this Tuesday trading session should bring some fortune to the stock as it is surging by 82% right after the market opened.New Gun Safe Products: American Rebel Black Smoke Series - Gun Storage Solutions

Ironically, AREB stock’s warrants are trading separately under AREBW symbol. In the opening session, the warrants are rising 26% in parallel with its rocketing shares. The volume is making explosion by over 8 million shares just in a few minutes. We wish good luck to the new player that offers quick warrants in conjunction with newly offered common stock