Ammo (POWW) Stock Slowly Surges Amid Plans in Assisting Ukraine to Defend from Russian Aggression

One of the penny stocks, Ammo (POWW) takes an initiative to restore its lost points while January and February trading sessions were not lucky at all. Helping Ukraine alongside the U.S becomes a duty for anyone who stands for peace and diplomatic solution for the conflict created by the Russian military forces.

Yesterday POWW shares closed at $4.76 before the company’s director, Richard Childress announced that he is going to participate in Fox & Friends discussion regarding the assistance to Ukraine in military support. While Russia is ironing Ukrainian cities with lethal bombs helping the eastern European democratic state becomes obligatory for liberal countries.

By the way, Ammo manufactures and sells ammunition for handguns and long guns in the U.S by running a marketplace GunBroker. It can’t send the ammunition without prior approval from the Biden administration.

If the White House or Pentagon agrees to buy its ammunition for assisting Ukrainians the Ammo’s revenue will surely rocket in a day. So its stock will follow the same direction of blasting. Everything depends on the size of the contract signed by the government and top management of Ammo. POWW is still cheap at the price below $5. Don’t forget the upcoming discussion on Fox News.