An Engineer Is Trying To Sell Classified Information Of The Navy For Monero (XMR) Token: Why Is XMR So Desirable?

Today the token is trading at $3.85 lower compared to yesterday. In the morning there was a jump of 2% to $ 282.9. However, over the next two hours, it fell sharply by 4.4%. The current price is $274.3. About the latest news. The relevant authorities arrested a US Navy nuclear engineer for intent and attempt to sell secret military documents in exchange for $ 1,000 worth of Monero (XMR). According to sources, he planned to sell information about the construction of nuclear submarines of the Navy to another country.

cryptocurrency investment: Worried about risk in cryptocurrency? Here's how to invest without buying any token - The Economic TimesMonero (XMR) is a cryptocurrency aimed at the secrecy of information, which is based on the CryptoNote protocol. It 100% guarantees that all transactions remain completely untraceable and unrelated, that is, all your data is hidden, so no one can see your actions on spending money, which is what makes Monero different from Bitcoin. By the way, Bitcoin is based on transparency. Moreover, Monero’s uniqueness lies in its fungibility, which means there is no difference between two amounts of equal value.