An Eye on Financial Results: Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE: FICO)

On Tuesday, Shares of Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE: FICO) showed the bullish trend with a higher momentum of 0.05% to $306.11. The company traded total volume of 184.026K shares as contrast to its average volume of 219.00K shares. The company has a market value of $9.03B and about 29.51M shares outstanding.

FICO (FICO) recently declared that net income for the quarter totaled $33.40M, or $1.10 per share, as compared to $31.20M, or $1.00 per share, in the prior year period.

Net cash offered by operating activities for the quarter was $47.80M as compared to $49.20M in the prior year period.

Second Quarter Fiscal 2019 Non-GAAP Results:

Non-GAAP Net Income for the quarter was $47.30M as compared to $47.00M in the prior year period. Non-GAAP EPS for the quarter was $1.56 as compared to $1.50 in the prior year period. Free cash flow for the quarter was $43.60M as compared to $42.20M in the prior year period.

Second Quarter Fiscal 2019 GAAP Revenue:

The company stated revenues of $278.20M for the quarter as contrast to $256.30M stated in the prior year period.

The Company offered net profit margin of 14.50% while its gross profit margin was 70.40%. ROE was recorded as 59.10% while beta factor was 1.25. The stock, as of recent close, has shown the weekly downbeat performance of -1.23% which was maintained at 63.70% in this year.

Ameena Dalia

Finance and Entertainment Reporter