An Unknown Investor Earns About $9 Million On The Saitama Token

Saitama is a meme token based on Ethereum. Today the market of Saitama is pretty volatile; its highest price was closed at $0.00000007333, and now it is observing a negative dynamics of 1.85% to $0.00000006608. However, the crypto has skyrocketed on November 11, resulting in an 836% profit. According to Twitter, an unknown investor earned about $ 9 million on the token Saitama Inu. At the beginning of June, he invested about $8 thousand in Ethereum. This user was one of the first investors of Saitama Inu. He purchased the coin a few days after its release. Having sold the asset six months later, he recorded more than 110,000% profit.

SAITAMA started trading in May 2021. Since its launch, the cryptocurrency has outperformed well, and the market cap for today is more than $2,925,031,095.24. Also, the trading volume represents $45,241,247.76, with an All-Time High of $0.00000075 on September 22, 2021. Recall that recently a “warning” was posted on the Coinmarketcap website. The warning indicated: “Willie Dee (Saitama’s partner) Convicted of wire fraud (FBI). In accordance, SAITAMA’s official Twitter account immediately asked the community known as the “Wolf Pack” to remain calm.