Andrew Tate Pushes Rumble (RUM) Stock Amid Recently Signed Contract

One of the most searched men on the internet, former kickboxing champion Andrew Tate in conversation with Valuetainment YT channel hosts, said, “Look at Rumble, they were brave ones. They stood up and signed me. They said, look believe in you, we believe what you are saying today. They signed me when no one else would. Look what happened to their stock price. 30%? A stock? In the bear market?”

Today, Rumble just got listed on Nasdaq and was up 39% within six trading hours session. Around 16 million volume was involved to generate such a phenomenal IPO.

The ex-kickboxing sportsman has also mentioned that big social platforms remove him from trends by martyring the hero of rebels thus solidifying the rebel status.

andrew tate rumble stock