Angry Squid Token Grows With Frenzied Speed: Is It Worth The Risk And Investment?

On Angry Squid you can play and receive bonuses, it was created as a result of inspiration from the world-famous TV series “Squid Game”. Representatives report that the token will help generate a solid income, and to achieve a resounding success, the team adopted new marketing techniques. According to them, its radio ads will be broadcast on Disney, Radio XStream, Hot 97, etc. The price of its coin is growing at a breakneck speed, so since the launch date, it has grown by 119485194%, namely in 9 days. Over the past 24 hours, it has blasted off 533% and its trading volume is $ 298,423.26.

From $250 Billion to $2.35 Trillion: A Look at the Top Ten Crypto Market Cap Shifts Over 2 Years – Markets and Prices Bitcoin NewsAngry Squid has the title of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency in the market. It trades only on PancakeSwap. However, investors should not take hasty conclusions and buy it, because on its official website there are no specific descriptions, project goals, explanations – you will not find anything but two paragraphs about the history of its appearance. Moreover, there are suspicions that this is another fraudulent project since there are many complaints on Twitter. All investors who bought this coin faced such problems as the sudden disappearance of a huge amount of coins from their wallets.