Apex Legends On Ryzen 3 3200G Vega 8 FPS Test at 720p/900p

The most played Apex Legends is always a top priority in scaling and frame-rate testing. Since it is an online shooting game, the developer should have made it easy for budget gaming PCs to run at primitive 720/900p resolutions. The game is similar to Anthem in visual design and different from other shooting popular games like PUBG, Fortnite, CS: GO, Division 2 and more. You need even APU to enjoy this game at most.

Testing channel on Youtube – TechEpiphany dares to test the game on Ryzen 3 3200G which has integrated Vega 8 GPU.  I think all the gamers will shift to APU if developers improve them so they can beat even RTX 2080 Ti – current high-end GPU.


Poor Vega 8 gets 77 degrees in Celcius on average – that’s really hot at 720p. Rarely 84 degrees appear in the most exciting movements. 1.7GHz clock is quite low, maybe, overclocking could handle the thermals lower. At 900p the thermal does not change. For frame rates, 900p can bring lower FPS but not higher temperature for the GPU. Very soon 7nm semi-conductor is coming and APU’s might get a solid solution for the thermal’s problem.

Frame Time

At both resolutions frame time is very high – 18.7ms which makes the player almost retarded user in front of enemies. So, this APU still needs development.

Frame Rate

D3D11 standard is used here, around 58 FPS on average is seen for 900p. 720P gives an average of 82 FPS which is perfect for R3 3200G. At 1080p and higher resolutions are not destined for this APU, maybe, R5 3400G can perform better at them. On the contrary, AMD Athlon 240GE could deliver similar results as this APU. If such nice frame rates are coming from R3 3200, why don’t we try other online multiplayer games like PUBG, Fortnite, CS: GO and many more? Leave your answers in the comment area.

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