API3 Now Partners With Kassandra Protocol And Heimdall

Kassandra Protocol and Heimdall are implementing the API3’s Airnode decentralized investment platform to manage a pool of funds on AvalancheNet. Airnode is a blockchain platform that enables web applications to connect to blockchain networks.

Its decentralized nature makes it possible to retrieve API data from any blockchain without requiring a specialist node-operating system. The Avalanche Social Index is an investment token that acts as a fraction of the total portfolio. It is managed through a unique combination of algorithms and blockchain.

The Avalanche Social Index is computed using the values of the various social scores provided by Heimdall and Kassandra. Through its partnership with API3, Kassandra is able to provide its users with better access to the various data feeds available through API3.

Through Airnode, Heimdall can now sell its data services directly to consumers without having to deal with intermediaries. It eliminates the need for a specialist hardware platform. API3 is excited about its partnership with Heimdall, which will help data providers get started with Airnode and make their web-based APIs easier to use.