Apple (AAPL) Stock Adds 46 Points In a Year: Should You Hold?

On April 5 2021 APPL closed at $133 per share on 359.17 million volume. Then it slightly grew to $134.32 in the next two weeks. But until May 24 APPL had been falling to $124.61. A good trading session was awaiting the stock on May 31 when it started a strong surge.

For the whole of June in 2021 APPL enjoyed only growth so that in July it could rise to $148.56. However, in August it had a roller coaster move until the end of the month when it reached $154.30. Unfortunately, September was a hard period to trade above $150. In October APPL shares could start climbing to get boosted in November sessions when the stock got up to $161.84.

APPL might grow higher but slowly

The highest value was at $179.45 in December but several factors negatively affected the stock so it began plunging to $154.73 in March 2022. Since last month APPL is eager to grow further slowly and ready to give dividends as well. Those who have bought APPL shares 12 years ago when it was near $20 are enjoying both dividends and bullish value. Right now the stock isn’t expensive like GOOG or AMZN. A “hold and keep buying” strategy will most likely make you millions in 10 or 15 years if you are owning $100k worth of Apple stock.

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