Apple M1 Max Defeats RTX 3080 Laptop Graphics Card During Gaming Benchmark Test, Misleading Nvidia Marketing Shenanigans Exposed

M1 Max chip has obliterated Nvidia’s top of the line RTX 3080 flagship laptop GPU during gaming benchmark. In another words, Nvidia misleads laptop users with confusing naming schemes where RTX 3060 desktop GPU is surprisingly appearing to be RTX 3080 in laptop. Furthermore, laptop based RTX 3080 usually suffers from thermal design limits and enormous throttling in a poorly created airflow optimized cooling inside mobile hardware.

Big thanks to Tally Ho Tech YouTube channel for comprehensive testing. Yes, M1 Max beats Nvidia in their own game which is Shadow Of The Tomb Raider with Ray Tracing graphics and DLSS enabled. Unbelievably, Nvidia’s RTX 3080 is humiliated by M1 Max within ten seconds during in-game benchmark test using high settings and DLSS/RTX features off.

MacBook Pro 16 had maintained above 70 fps frame rate but RTX 3080 inside Lenovo’s X1 Extreme Gen 4 laptop couldn’t even hold above 60 fps. Whole blame goes to Nvidia’s misleading naming scheme here is that RTX 3080 laptop GPU doesn’t equal to desktop one due to thermal constrains and poor cooling design in terms of chip architecture.

Moreover, M1 Max has also nailed Nvidia’s RTX 3080 in fan noise levels. Well, Nvidia had to foresee these consequences in gaming tests when they were building Ampere GPU architecture which runs hotter compared to in-house ARM Apple architecture in laptop cooling design.

Source: Tally Ho Tech via YT

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