Apple M1 Max Plays GTA V, CS:GO, Crysis Using High Graphics Settings Within Latest MacBook Pro 16

Apple shows it’s muscles across the rich gaming world where some triple A titles melt graphics cards and processors. Latest M1 Max Apple Silicone is capable of doing more than just a boring workstation type of workloads. True hardware test has been put on Apple M1 Max chip which is “Gaming”! Many future MacBook Pro 16 buyers are rooting for M1 Max SoC to run any game in the world whether on Windows emulator or direct from steam store.

Amazingly, M1 Max pucks huge loaded punch consisting 10 CPU and  32 GPU Cores with 32GB memory, all in one roof. Newly created Andrew Tsai YouTube channel focuses on MacBook hardware benchmarks on Parallels or CrossOver method that may run Windows OS games on MacOS. First impressive GTA V playing on M1 Max gaming benchmark has made waves due to stable 90 fps frame rate in normal settings with MXAA turned off.

On the other hand, last year’s original M1 chip runs GTA V above 40 fps and M1 Pro latest one can carry the game up to 80 fps on average. Unfortunately, GTA V has CPU overhead issues in MacBook Pro 16 even with M1 Max chip because game runs on emulator software CrossOver. Anyway, weekly new CrossOver updates might fix those issues and GTA V can be played on Max settings soon.

Most prominent first person shooter and highly addictive online multiplayer is of course CS:GO by steam launcher. Surprisingly, M1 Max SoC by Apple runs CS:GO above 70 fps in a heavy shootout online while graphics settings are all set to low. Usually, CS:GO can melt laptop hardware causing the fan spin fast and increases noise levels.

Can MacBook Pro with M1 Max run Crysis? Surely, original Crysis from 2007 runs 60 fps average frame rate with butter smooth experience on M1 Max chip’s CPU and GPU hardware easily using high settings. This question brings more headache towards Apple hardware developers from gaming enthusiasts. But now, Tim Cook can rest well after seeing Apple in-house silicone is capable to run the Crysis game from 14 years ago.

Source: Andrew Tsai via YT

Alex Krakowsky

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