Applied Genetic Technologies (AGTC) Surges: 2 Penny Stocks That Can Blast Off Soon

When starting investing in stocks, you need to carefully choose companies with good background and history. But most often experienced holders choose and follow only penny stocks. In today’s ultra-low interest rate environment, these stocks provide the strongest returns, and if investors pick wisely, they may identify stocks that are positioned to outperform inflation as well. Now, we have AGTC and IMV using this example. Now we will consider AGTC and IMV as good examples. For these companies, the price per share does not exceed $3. They are trading at $2.72 and $1.7700, respectively.

Adrenoleukodystrophy Drugs Market Generated Opportunities, Future Scope 2021-2028 | Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation, MedDay SA, Bluebird bio, Inc. - Energy SirenIn theory, penny stocks are those that cost less than $1. And now such stocks are already trading at a price below $5. Applied Genetic Technologies is a company that is looking for all ways to combat genetic diseases that cause blindness. Today, the company is looking for ways to treat a disease transmitted through the maternal line, which manifests itself only in males. Recently, the company published positive results from the drug candidate AGTC-501 trial. AGTC is awaiting a license for the drug from the FDA. Currently IMV is testing maveropepimut-S, the flagship vaccine candidate in three Phase 2 clinical trials. The results of the previous phase 1/1b studies were the best in their class.