Aptorum (APM) Gets Bullish Momentum From the FDA News

Positive news about a product can often be a major boost for any pharmaceutical or biotech stock and that is what happened with the Aptorum Group Ltd (NASDAQ: APM) stock on Wednesday.

Yesterday the company announced that it received approval from Canada’s Public Health Agency for the Phase 1 clinical trial of its product that is meant for treating staph infection ALS 4. It goes without saying that it is a major development for the company and the price action in the stock is understandable.

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The product in question is supposed to be administered orally and treat infections and treat infections that are caused by Staphylococcus or Staph. In Phase 1 clinical trial of the product, Aptorum is going to check its tolerability and safety.

The company was established back in 2010 but it went public only recently in 2018. The latest development might bring the stock into focus among investors and hence it might be a good idea to keep an eye on developments regarding Aptorum.

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