Arbutus Biopharma Rockets On 80 Million Shares

From $2.34 to $5.80 Arbutus Biopharma (NASDAQ: ABUS) could rise this week while biotech stocks were surging due to speculations around COVID-19 vaccine creation. Nevertheless, other factors make ABUS soar more than 100% with rising demand for shares that blast off with 80 million units.

This penny stock may become expensive anytime because the trend in buying healthcare stocks turns very popular among speculative traders who seek quick profits. As long as COVID-19 exists globally healthcare companies might face increased demands for their stocks.

Today ABUS soars from $2.82 to near $6.00 while GDOW, NASDAQ, and SPX fall at least 0.60%. This move indicates that ABUS can rise independently from external factors linked to the economic recession caused by the pandemic. Factually, COVID-19 makes healthcare stocks trending.