Are AFC Energy (AFC.L) Shares Trustworthy To Invest In?

Today AFC Energy’s shares popped at 3.29%. The company gained 1.7 GBP since the prior close at 51.7 GBP and is currently standing at 53.4 GBP. The firm has significantly upgraded its share prices starting from the first ups in November of 2019. Since then, the shares have gained strength and peaked at 83.5 GBP in January of 2021.AFC Energy has a small market capitalization value of UK£474 million, therefore many institutional investors may not be aware of it. Nevertheless, many respectable institutions are already registered as shareholders in AFC Energy. They do, in fact, have a sizable interest in the firm. This implies a level of trustworthiness among professional investors.

At the moment, DZ Bank AG, Asset Management Arm is the biggest shareholder with 5.7% of shares. Next, HSBC Global Asset Management and HBOS Investment Fund Managers Limited are the second and the third largest holders with 5.6% and 5.3% of shares, respectively. The firm’s top 18 shareholders possess 50% of the corporation, implying that no single stakeholder has substantial power over the company.

Paul Meyer

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