Are crypto markets in a bubble? CEO Of Solana (SOL) Answers This Question

Co-founder and CEO of Solana Anatoly Yakovenko denied the notion that crypto markets are in a bubble. He rejected the idea that they are overvalued, despite the fact that SOL has tripled in price over the past month on its way to a market capitalization of $ 40 billion. According to the report Decrypt, Yakovenko called the current market situation really different time in the space of cryptography, saying that it was difficult to compare with previous bubbles. He said that crypto enthusiasts had spent three years in the market downturn, building an infrastructure that allows new engineers and developers to quickly improve the technology.

ETMarkets Morning Podcast: Why are Indian crypto prices getting delinked  from global trends | The Economic Times PodcastIt was also mentioned that high market capitalization doesn’t matter given the proliferation of cryptocurrency and the growing usability of the technology. Anatoly also lessened the significance of non-fungible tokens, saying that creative people would keep on coming up with new ideas to bring innovation to the industry. He compared the current state of the crypto markets to the spread curve of the world wide web, stating that we have finally reached the point when email started working on the Internet.