Are IPIX, NWBO, ENZC Thriving In Red Market?

OTC stocks mostly move against major stocks without providing any reason or cause. NWBO is on the course of attempting to break $1. Its biotech counterparts IPIX and ENZC in contrast are fluctuating at microscopic prices.

On September 13 Innovation Pharmaceuticals announced recent progress by BT BeaMedical Technologies in developing its new laser-guided technology to combat cancer cells. The company informed the laser is being integrated into special software which works on directing the hardware’s laser lighting. Unfortunately, IPIX remained stagnant amid the news.

Two weeks ago, Enzolytics announced a collaboration with Abveris, Twist Bioscience’s division to find fully human monoclonal antibodies against multiple viruses. No one reacted to the news when ENZC was plunging.

Out of three biotech OTC stocks, currently, NWBO is surging. IPIX and ENZC may start growing after they provide news that triggers penny stock lovers to begin buying up.

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