Are Sareum Holdings (SAR.L) Shares Worth Investing Now ?

Today, the company’s shares fell by 6.23% to 6.28 GBP. Over the past five days, the shares have been steadily falling. On Tuesday, the share price was 6.84 GBP. The next day, the shares fell by 6.75. On July 15, the share price was 6.30 GBP. On Friday, the shares rose by 6.78 GBP. There is no doubt that Sareum is a good investment lately. Anyone who purchased a month ago can now earn approximately 175% of the profit. For those who have been waiting for last year, the result is even better (1,150%). Yes, some positive data in the coming months will definitely see shares soar higher in 2021. However, there are reasons to believe that Sareum may have peaked.

From an investment point of view, the risk of drug development is notorious. For every successful drug, thousands of drugs have not succeeded. Delays are also common. In fact, Sareum has stated that the completion of preclinical studies “depends on satisfactory progress.” If the waiting time is longer than expected, some incumbents will inevitably change jobs. Furthermore, clinical trials are not cheap and management has stated that they “depend on funding.”

Paul Meyer

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