Are ValiRx (VAL.L) Shares Predisposed For Big Gains Amid Signing New Agreements with Physiomics ?

Since 2019, the share price of ValiRx did not change much, it is remaining low. The highest price of 2021 was 31.75GBP. On the 21st of July, it opened at 18.08GBP and closed at 18.10GBP finalizing the market day identically as the previous close. The day’s range was between the lowest at 17.73GBP and the highest at 18.08GBP. the average volume is 602k GBP while the total volume is 67k GBP. The EPS is -3.80.ValiRx has signed a new deal with Physiomics, which will help the company improve its prostate cancer treatment. This agreement was made for the further development of the company’s treatments.

The latest version of Physiomics’ Virtual Tumour technology will be applied to data collected by the finished clinical trial of VAL201, a candidate being developed by ValiRX, by Physiomics, a mathematical modeling consultancy. It will also help ValiRx simulate the VAL201 peptide’s usage in endometriosis (VAL301) and Coronavirus (COVID-19) (BC201).

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