Are You Planning To Buy NCLH, RCL, CCL Stocks This Summer?

The summer holidays are drawing everyone to have a relaxed rest on cruise lines. Finally, covid-19 restrictions are over but debt got bigger for cruise ship owners to repay even until 2030. To maintain ships and keep permanent personnel the companies such as Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruises, and Carnival Corporation had to borrow a lot.

Over the course of the bearish market, NCLH has been red almost all the time since May 2021. Surprisingly RCL and CCL have joined the ‘red crowd’ too.

Last Friday NCLH stock was fluctuating anomaly between $10.94 and $11.36 with a bullish sign. The same move was repeated on RCL and CCL parts.

Cruise line stocks may surge until the end of this summer. But macroeconomic conditions are pressuring all stocks through regulations from the fed. Currently, hiking interest rates are truly pulling down inflation which was caused by stimulus checks during the lockdown.

So, buying all three stocks is still a risky idea when all assets are taking the bloodbath. Even though excited fans are buying them to create a temporary bounce the obvious fall is clearly seen in the monthly period. If you invest $1000 you will likely bear at least 30% next month. This year buying dip in any asset may shrink all of your savings according to experts’ speculations.