Are You Ready To Risk Your Investment in vTv Therapeutics (VTVT)?

After announcing a $25 million investment that will be employed for vTv’s upcoming projects the stock has jumped 47% on more than 25%. Investors are flocking in by hoping the biotech stock will keep growing and eventually will start paying dividends.

Many pharma and biotech stocks looked very promising while they were in the process of developing potential candidates to treat rare and fatal diseases. However, the majority of them have not achieved success in real business and stock exchanges as well.

vTv could be a just “pump and dump stock” even though it is going to develop breakthrough therapeutic solutions. TTP399, a liver selective glucokinase activator is going to support the stock’s move hopefully but FDA needs time to approve it for wide use. However, we only can watch the stock for a while since it can decline at any time.