Artelo Biosciences Stock Is On A Rally: Here Is Why You Should Buy

Today, the Artelo Biosciences stock market is on an outperforming note demonstrating the growth of 21%. Moreover, during the five days, the price quickly soared to $1.2400 from $0.7214, resulting in 41% profit, despite not making any specific announcements.

Currently, in the pre-market trading session, it’s open at $1.0200 by achieving 17% for today. It has a market capitalization of 21 million dollars, while the trading volume represents 252,597,794 shares. The biotechnology company’s 52-week stock price low was $0.45, indicating that the current value has risen by an impressive 55% since then.

The biotechnology company Artelo stock is included in the recommendations to buy for the coming years based on an average score of 1.50. By the way, when the company reported its quarterly results in May 2021, it had zero debt and cash worth $10 million. As mentioned above, the company has a promising pipeline of drugs that can fight certain types of cancer, which is the main reason for buying its stock. Many drugs are now on clinical trials; ART 26.12 targets breast and prostate cancers. Will it continue the rises in the coming week, or the stock may fall again?